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Massachusetts Governor Limits Short Term Rentals

Due to expire May 18, 2020 (Extended from May 4th)

This applies to rentals of 31 days or less and was copied pretty much verdatum from a VRBO email I received. It does not make much difference of course as most people are staying at home but I thought it would be good to see it.

The Massachusetts Governor issued an executive order to limit the effects of COVID-19. The order applies to short-term rental properties in Massachusetts, is effective immediately, and shall remain in effect until May 4, 2020 (unless extended).

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health released guidance on how this order applies to short-term rentals.

The guidance states that short-term rentals may continue to operate to provide lodging only the following uses:

  • Housing and accommodation for health care workers, first responders, and other workers constituting the COVID-19 Essential Workforce as specified in Exhibit A of COVID-19 Order 13;
  • Housing and accommodation for members of vulnerable populations, for instance when serving as an emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families;
  • Housing and accommodation for Massachusetts residents (i) who are isolating or self-quarantining; and (ii) families or roommates of individuals who are isolating or self-quarantining; and
  • Housing and accommodation for individuals receiving long-term, specialized medical care from a physician in the Commonwealth, and for accompanying family members.

To read a full list of essential guests, click here.

Guests occupying lodging as of March 31, 2020, are permitted to remain through the end of their originally scheduled stay. Reservations may not be extended except for the purposes listed above.


We understand this is a trying time, and we are here to help. If you have any questions regarding how to handle cancellations or future reservations please contact us directly.

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