Since 2008, when I started renting out the Captain Morse House, we have had requests for a pool. The realtors all said that I would make 30% to 50% more in rent. So my August rates would rise from $27,000 (in a normal year) to $40,000 and even less people would be abale to afford this magnificeint house. Sure, that is tempting but it would wreck our amazing backyard and change the character of an afternoon at the house from quiet and peaceful to noisy all day long. Because of that decision to not install a pool you have a chance to stay at the Captain Morse House for over 50% off.


I understand the appeal of a pool but perhaps you do not realize how easy it is to access the many beaches that are close by and make a real day out of it. Staying at a pool in a backyard surrounded by a security fence is not what Martha’s Vineyard is all about. That experience is what many of our visitors have at home.

We are within walking distance of 4 great local beaches an bike riding distance of several others. Check out this link here which describes them.
Looking at our yard in this picture one can also easily see the next request after a pool is installed. “Cut down those Linden Trees, too shady and cool.”
Captain Morse House Exteriors