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Captain Morse House Manual

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Welcome to the Captain Morse House

Dear Guest:

Thank you very much for choosing the Captain Morse House for your vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. We hope that you will have the vacation of a lifetime. The Captain Morse House is a fine example of a Whaling Captain’s home. The house was built in 1840, before the invention of cars (1897), and electric lights (1880) so it requires special care. This manual mentions a lot of dos and don’ts but its principle purpose is to help you enjoy the Captain Morse House and your Island experience while appreciating and caring for the historic mansion you will be occupying. Our guests are expected to read our Welcome Guide (quick Start) and this manual and be self-sufficient. All that we have learned over 200 rentals is in this manual. Here are some Frequently asked questions / FAQs. For other information try the search tool in the upper right corner of our website

Manual Tips

To save the manual for easy access to a iPad or iPhone, open the document link below.
Choose the Square Icon with the arrow going up. Select “Add to Home Screen
You will then have a link to the manual you can access by clicking on the Manual Icon. We also have a QR Code in the manual book that will launch it.

  • For other information on our Website try the search tool in the upper right corner

Quick Start Advice

  • Before Arrival - Please read this manual and share it with anyone you think will read it. If you are bringing a car you will need ferry reservations. Bring as few cars as possible, ideally zero as you are close to everything and we provide you with bicycles. Our driveway is single file. We enter and exit the house from the back kitchen doors. Five days before arrival you will receive a door keypad code, an alarm code, and a security word in case the alarm goes off and the alarm company calls the house.
  • ARRIVAL -  Please check in only after your lease starts at 4:00 pm. The point of entry is through the kitchen doors up the Driveway. The First door is for the East Wing. The 2nd Door is for the West Wing.
  • DEPARTURE - Please be 100% out of the house when your lease ends at 10:00 am The cleaners will start outside around 9:00 am
  • EARLY OR LATE - Check-In or Check-Out are possible if we do not have another guest on the calendar for the same day.  Please check our booking calendar before making a request.  Charges apply
  • ROLLER BAGS SHOULD BE CARRIED ON THE STAIRS Be careful when moving, bags, chairs, or tables on the newly re-finished floors. If protective scuff pads are missing there are plenty of extras in the hall closet.
  • WINDOWS DO NOT STAY UP ON THEIR OWN AND REQUIRE STICKS Place a stick on the right side of the window in the window channel. If windows slam they can cause injury and damage. Close windows ahead of rain.
  • STAIRS ARE STEEP – BE CAREFUL – not suitable for small children.
  • TABLES ARE VALUABLE – use placemats to protect them.
  • FOOT SHOWER AT BACK DOORS IS THERE TO REMOVE SAND - sand is the worst enemy of the house - please take care to remove it.
  • NO FOOD OR SODA IS ALLOWED ABOVE THE FIRST FLOOR - This attracts ants and can cause additional cleaning
  • SHOWER CURTAINS – Place the bottom of the curtain inside the tub and the sides flat against the inside walls. After 30 seconds of showering re-check the side curtain near the showerhead to make sure that the curtain is sealed tight against the tile. Some water on the wall is necessary so that water suction will hold the curtain tight. Ensure that there are no gaps and that shower water cannot go onto the floor. This might seem picky but it has been a serious problem in the past.
  • HOT WATER - If there is no hot water go to the hot water heater in the back basement and turn the small red knob above the tank temperature from PILOT to ON (do not turn it off!)

General Info

80 N WATER ST #34
EDGARTOWN, MA 02539-0034
There is no Land Line in the house

Use the above for shipping; Ship UPS or FedEx [USPS is not reliable and requires a trip to the post office]
Items shipped to the house should be placed in the front hall closet (East Wing) or the pass-through closet (West Wing)

Email is for questions (if it is not in the manual):  support@captainmorsehouse.com
Phone is for emergencies that cannot wait. 508-693-0809
Please call and text during normal business hours unless it is an emergency

Deliveries: The US Postal Service will not deliver to the house. Use UPS or FEDEX or it may get lost at the Post Office.
Packages get delivered to the house every day. Please put them in storage if they arrive during your stay.
For the East Wing and the Entire House put them in the front hall closet.
For West Wing use the closet next to the kitchen.
For large items, place them in the back west basement next to the hot water heater.
If you want to go the extra mile you can contact support@captainmorsehouse.com and we will unpack and put them out for your use and enjoyment.


FIRE - POLICE - ACCIDENT: 911 - In case of Fire locate the closest fire extinguisher (closets, under sinks) and use it. Do not use water on any grease fires.

...then call 508-693-0809. If no answer call the contact list in order...

Email them and a incident report to Support@captainmorsehouse.com
Then call or text the below list in this order (text is the best way to get someone)


Leandro Bonjour (508) 524-9138

Backup Caretakers
Flauber Souza 781-964-4077
Boat and Van and 3rd backup Caretaker
Iggy Vukoje 508-627-0248


Katya <Cleaner@captainmorsehouse.com>


Platt Johnson


EL Harvey  508-995-0544 Extension 143 [See Trash ]


FIREPLACES: DO NOT MAKE ANY FIRES – fireplaces will not draw smoke & are unsafe.  GRILL: Make sure the grill is turned off at the bottle.

ALARM & CAMERAS: The Abode Alarm includes a camera and motion detector and is located in the West Wing. Rotate this around towards the wall during your stay. Noise sensors (privacy-safe), exterior cameras, and interior video cameras that point outside are in use for the comfort of our neighbors and for the safety of our guests and their belongings. Guests may not disable any alarm devices or security cameras. Disabling will prevent the smoke and CO2 detectors from working and is a breach of this lease. False alarms from improper use of the alarm may cause a charge against the tenant’s security deposit. The house is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.  You should not need to use the alarm during your vacation. See below for more on the alarm.

Virus and Flu: We recommend washing your hands in the kitchen sink whenever you return to the house from an outing. We place hand soap at these sinks for your use.

STAIRS: The stairs in this house are very steep and in some cases, the treads are quite small. They are not to code and would not be allowed these days.  Please make sure you, your guests, and your children are told to take care. They are not suitable for elderly people or small children. Baby Gates (back basement) should be used even if your child is being supervised.

WINDOWS: The windows in the old part of the house will NOT stay up on their own – use the window sticks and don’t trust the brass stoppers. Broken windows are expensive to repair. sticks go in the window channel on the left or right of the window.

DOORS: For general security, during the day we lock all the screen doors and leave only the #1 front kitchen door open.

LOCKED DOORS: Opening an interior door that you find locked will automatically lose you your security deposit. The Elevator is one of these doors.

CRITTERS AND OUTSIDE DANGERS: The beaches, tall grasses, and woods are filled with ticks, deer ticks, and poison ivy. Inspect yourself and your children carefully for ticks after an outing and wash thoroughly in the shower.

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Trash & Recycling – Tuesday / Saturday

Tuesday and Saturday is for trash from 5/1 to 10/15 – Trash is anything that is not recycling.

Saturday is the recycling pickup for Yellow labeled Recycle Toter – Single Stream recycling is used. No plastic bags in Toter.

On Monday and Friday (the day before trash days) make sure all trash in the house is in the bins. They come by very early
LEAVE TOTES WHERE THEY ARE Trash collectors will come up the driveway to get them
so that the large Totes can be rolled past the cars to North Water Street. The first car near the street MUST be pulled in as close to the fence and as close to the sidewalk as possible.
There are small white paint lines on the brick to show you where. Other cars must be parked up the driveway beyond the trash bins.
Completely fill each Tote before placing anything else into the empty totes. You are charged for all TOTERS over 1 trash and 1 recycling.
No Plastic Bags or food should be placed into the recycling Tote (yellow labels).
Departure – when you leave make sure that all trash is out of the house and in the bins.

Put all refuse in the trash cans inside of the trash bin. Skunk are a problem. Nothing should be left outside of the bins.
For extra pickups call EL Harvey at 508-995-0544 Ext 143 for Nancy
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Damages & Security Deposit

The House Captain or person in charge of the rental should carefully inspect the premises upon arrival. Any previous damage to the premises must be reported to support@captainmorsehouse.com via email with pictures within 6 hours of the start of your lease.
We strive to keep the home in great shape for every guest’s arrival and double-check it on each turnover however we are only human. If you see anything amiss (for example 3 candlesticks when 4 is normal, a broken window etc.) please bring it to our attention.

The best thing you can do to prevent damage is to make sure that the other people in the house are familiar with this manual. With a large crowd of people, there is the chance that some will not be as careful as you are. If there is damage please discuss it with the caretaker in advance of our discovering it. We want to be as fair as possible with all of our tenants while still keeping the house at its current level.  Please treat the house just like it was your own home and try to leave it “better than you found it.”



This is a stately home with many antiques and fragile items in it. Please treat it with the respect it deserves (think Lincoln’s bedroom at the White House) and remember my grandfather’s advice to “always leave a rented house better than you found it”. Now you are reading this but many of your guests may not. If they won’t it is your responsibility to educate them, especially children, as to the value of many of the furnishings. For children roughhousing is not something that you should allow. There is an enormous backyard that is perfect for that. On a rainy day, the front attic is a great spot for active kids.

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Flag: We normally leave the flag out all the time. If it gets stormy or windy please take it in until the storm passes as it will keep you up at night and wreck the flag. Make sure you note how the flag is tied up before taking it down so you can tie it up the same way. Flag and house etiquette are on the main site.

YARD: We have installed at great expense a sod lawn (May 2016). Due to the high traffic and the amount of shade in the back yard the lawn can be beaten up and take months to recover. With an average of 15 tenants a year this lawn cannot survive hard use. I ask you to please treat it gently and not allow gatherings or  rough play that will cause damage to the lawn. Just use some judgment. The lawn needs to be in the same condition when you leave as how you found it, or better. No water toys such as pools and Slip & Slides or hoses can be used on the lawn. Please also keep the tool shed closed to reduce the chance of theft. Lower and secure the umbrellas each evening or if windy to prevent damage to furniture. Please bring in cushions from the front porch if it rains.

Utilities: If you want to track the Electrical usage the meter is just outside of the Morse Street garden door. The Gas meter is under the black plastic lid on the right side of the lawn.

Grill: We have two Bull BBQ Gas Grills. Spare bottles are in the tool shed. Do not change until empty. Detailed notes on operation are here.

Gas Grills are located near the tool shed

TO LIGHT: Turn on the bottle first then the grill. The igniters should all work.

TO TURN OFF: Turn off the grill first, then turn off the bottle. Please return the grill to the condition you found it in.

DO NOT use the rotisserie element (small knob) unless you are using the rotisserie. To rotisserie remove the center grates only and place an aluminum foil pan to catch the drippings. There are two separate rotisserie irons in the tool shed. A chicken takes 1 1/2 hours on average.

We attempt to keep spare gas bottles in the tool shed. If you run out you can, re-fill at either Vineyard Propane at 6 N. Line Rd., Edgartown, MA (near the airport open only Monday – Friday) or DeBettencourts Garage 83 New York Avenue Oak Bluffs, MA 508-693-0751 (open weekends) – Drive through Oak Bluffs as if going to Vineyard Haven. DeBettencourts is on the right with brick columns in front of the gas pumps.

MANUAL LIGHTING: There is a lighter with a long neck located in the drawers to the left of the stove. We keep the grill accessories there as well.

  1. If you have a low flame or poor power it may be caused by not doing the 1st step correctly. This is how to reset a propane regulator.
    1. To correct low flame do these steps EXACTLY IN THIS ORDER.
    2. Turn off the gas at the propane tank.
    3. Disconnect the gas line from the tank.
    4. Open the grill lid.
    5. Turn all control valves to high.
    6. Wait for about a minute. Some advise that you rap the regulator with a screwdriver – sometimes it sticks.
    7. Turn all control valves to off.
    8. Reconnect the gas line to the tank.
    9. VERY SLOWLY turn on the gas at the tank.
    10. Light the grill normally. Your grill should now heat normally.
    11. If it doesn’t work then repeat the above steps..


Parking at the house and in Edgartown is limited

See this link for Parking Information

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No inflatable pools or slip and slides or water toys of any kind are to be used on the lawn.
The tool shed needs to be kept closed at all times.
If you wish to use any of the Captain’s bicycles you must sign and return this agreement.
Otherwise, you and your guests do not have permission to use them.
The rules and suggestions for bike use are here. https://www.captainmorsehouse.com/details/bike-rules/

You are responsible for repairs. For additional bikes or accessories we recommend any of these shops.

We have a toy box opposite the tool shed. There is a croquet set and some other lawn games. Please put them away when you are done.
You can use anything in the tool shed but please put it all NEATLY back when done.
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Heat, AC & Energy

THERMOSTAT NOTES – Here is an explanation of how the thermostats run.

If you see LO on the thermostat it means it is locked and cannot be adjusted by the user. If it is locked please let us know if you are not comfortable and we will adjust the automatic settings until you are.

Never set the Fan to ON – only use Auto. Turning the fan to ON will have no effect on the temperature. It simply just moves air around.

There are four BAYWEB internet thermostats in the house. 2 each on 1st, and 1 each on 2nd and 3rd.
They show the current temperature. Pressing the up or down arrows will show the thermostat setting.
If you activate the thermostat (Press COOL or HEAT to start) make sure ALL windows, storm wndows and exterior doors are closed and all other thermostats are either off in the same state, either all COOL or all HEAT.
You may not need the HVAC system at all during your visit. In the previous 170 years of the house they managed without. If you wish to open the windows and doors for the natural island cooling breezes please turn off ALL thermostats.

Please close windows and doors if rain approaches.

Automatic Cooling Settings
When you are away the setting for cooling is around 78 degrees
When you return it will automatically sense your presence and lower the setting to 74 degrees
For sleeping, it is set automatically to 73 degrees
The attic is NOT insulated and will not cool no matter the setting.  We turn the system off during the day by setting the thermostat to 90.
For sleeping, it will automatically lower to 74.
If the outside is cooler than the attic then open the windows at the East and West wings of the house. Be sure that the door near the bathroom is open.

Automatic Heat Settings
When you are away the setting for heat is set to 63 degrees
When you return and senses your presence it will automatically rise to 67 degrees
For sleeping, it is set to 64 degrees

Humidity is monitored via the first-floor front and 2nd-floor thermostats
The system will automatically run if indoor humidity is above 55% but will turn off in the room temp falls more than 2 degrees below the current automatic set point to prevent compressor damage.
For comfort, optimal indoor humidity levels should be between 35 and 55 percent.

Let us know if you are not comfortable and we will adjust the automatic settings until you are.

The BayWeb Thermostat manual is here for technically minded tenants

ENERGY TIPS: Smart energy management at the house is done as follows. This is what was done before the home got central AC in 2009. I lived here and it was fine as long as you do the following.

  • Lower all shades on the Morse Street (SOUTH) side of the house during the day.
  • Turn off all lights when not needed. They produce a lot of heat.
  • Raise the windows (especially on the Northside) using the sticks and open the attic windows and the doors at the base of the attic stairs.
  • Close windows when rain is coming or if evening fog is thick.
  • Do not run the HVAC with the windows, storm windows and exterior doors open – this will result in wasted energy.
  • Fill the dishwashers and clothes washing machines completely before using them.
  • Hang towels up to allow them to air dry. There are neat antique towels drying racks in several bedrooms.

ATTIC SPECIAL NOTES: The house is NOT insulated. It is common for the attic to go over 90 degrees on any sunny day whether the AC in the attic is on or not.  Doing the following will cool the area to the high 70s without the use of the AC.

  • The Roof is off-limits. The scuttle to the roof is not designed to stay open on it’s own and is fragile.
  • AC – off during the day. Running the AC in the day is useless since there is no insulation in the ceiling.
  • WINDOWS – Open the dual crank windows near the back stairwell.
  • DOORS – keep doors at the top of the front stairs open for airflow. Open 2nd-floor attic doors for airflow if the entire house AC is off.

Detailed HVAC information for interested people and contractors is here

The Captain Morse House has contracted with Con Edison Solutions through Cape Light Compact. This program uses 25% Biomass & Solar and 75% low impact Hydro and charges 11.1 cents/kWh however YOU make the most difference in energy use. You will know how many kWh you used during your stay.
For more information see http://www.capelightcompact.org and also http://www.conedsolutions.com
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Inside Spaces


If you rent the entire house you will see that there are two kitchens. The back Kitchen is typically used for breakfast and for hor’s d’oeuvres around cocktail time. The front Kitchen is typically used for lunch which we prepped on trays and took to the back patio. We also make and served all of our dinners out of it. The refrigerator in the front should have the freezer set to 0 and the fridge set to 37.

The front kitchen has a very nice GE Monogram range. The knobs were not strong enough for a prior guest. Please use gently and remember you need to push them in to go past the indent to the ignite position. If you don’t you can damage the valve.

Microwaves: The microwave uses an LCD screen to control and is very powerful. Some tenants have cooked the interior by starting the microwave with nothing in it or running it for too long. Read the screen carefully. Children should not operate the microwave. The East Wing Kitchen microwave operates a bit like an iPhone. Use the three line icon to access options. Manuals for both of these are located in the cabinets near them.

Dishware and utensils: These are all inventoried and accounted for. Breakage will be charged to the tenant.
We hate dull knives so have supplied excellent sharp knives – DO NOT place in the dishwasher – simply dry and return to rack.

Kitchen Tips
A cast iron skillet or Wooden Bowl should be cleaned immediately after use (don’t let it soak in water and soap in the sink or it could rust). DO NOT USE SOAP OR DISHWASHER, use hot water and a sponge or stiff BRUSH.

If there is any remaining food stuck to your pan, scrub with a paste of kosher salt mixed with water, then rinse clean. You may also try removing food debris by boiling water in the pan.

Season cast iron after every use with olive oil.
Heat pan so you cannot touch it but not too hot
One teaspoon of oil rubbed in with a paper towel.
Use what is left on the outside of the pan

Grill Cleaning
Use Easy Off
Places parts in a garbage bag for an hour
Clean with steel wool
If rusty soak in 50/50 combo of vinegar and water
Wash with joy soap
dry completely on heat

Ants are a problem on a sandy island. Terminix comes to the house several times a season but you will probably still see some ants around. Try to reduce their food by keeping the kitchen extra clean and by not bringing food to the rooms upstairs. Please report the presence of any other pests so we can take care of them. 
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Parties, events, and retreats

You are renting the Captain Morse House exclusively for your under roof guests to use as living space.

If you wish to host an event at the house please see our events information. Additional charges apply depending on the size of the event.
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Linens & Laundry

The beds are all made. Extra towels and linens are located in each wing. In the East Wing they are outside the 2nd bathroom from the front of the house. In the West Wing beach towels and spare linens are located in the closet next to the kitchen or in the bench in green bedroom #5. Please note that the more laundry you use the more the turnover will cost.

The Middle Bedroom (4) and the back bedroom (5) can be made up either as twins if you specify this in advance, normally they are made as kings.

Missing or damaged towels, robes, and linens will be charged to the guest’s security deposit at retail replacement prices plus 25%.

When you depart please start any towels that you can. This helps with our turnovers. Do not overload the washers or dryers and use the bulky item settings.

You may use the laundry. Please use the older washing machine beach towels and for anything but delicates. Be careful as these are complex machines. ONLY HE detergent is to be used in the LG machines. The manual is available here.

The cleaners work very hard to prepare the home for you. If you liked their work please express your thanks with a tip.
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Food and Shopping

If you have ever rented a house before and found it devoid of everything including salt & pepper then you will be pleasantly surprised. We aim to always have some basic kitchen staples on hand so to eliminate duplication please check the kitchen before you go shopping.

There are many farmers’ markets on the island. The local spots we use are at this link.

Bedrooms and Sleeper Sofa

We have provided an “Air Dream” sleeper sofa in the front family room. This uses air technology. The pump is located at the right head of the bed. Detailed instructions are in the manual book as well as online here. These are some pics of the sofa being inflated. The sheets, pillowcases, etc. are normally stored in the closet in the same room. Make sure that they all come off before folding the sleeper sofa back up.

If you are a late sleeper I would recommend earplugs and maybe even eye shades. Edgartown wakes up early and it will be noisy with so many people is such a large house. We have complimentary earplugs in the front hall closet complimentary items basket.

If there is noise from parties or passersby you have my encouragement to call the Edgartown Police. It’s their job.  After Hours call 508-693-1212 / Daytime 508-627-4343 Dial 0 / In an emergency dial 911

We make a concerted effort to ensure that all of our beds are properly made up with quality sheets but sometimes the laundry will mix up our with others. Let us know if this occurs so that we can take care of it.

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The home uses a keypad style entry system on the back kitchen door. (not the key locker)
The guest security code for door and alarm is on the welcome letter and is provided before your lease starts.

The security word in case of smoke or if the alarm goes off by accident is on the welcome letter. You will need that if the alarm company calls you.
Pay attention to the screen on the alarm panel. The code “toggles” the alarm state. Entering the code with the alarm off will set the alarm to on and vice-a-versus. We rarely use the alarm but if you do then all doors will have to be locked. Monitoring is by Rapid Response Monitoring (800) 932-3822. There is an emergency key above the door header in the tool shed in case the keypad on the door fails.

TO ARM: Press and hold the Away button for 2 seconds or enter your access code. If you use the alarm then all doors will have to be locked. See the Manual for more info. There is an emergency key in a key locker on the toolshed and also above the toolshed door.

Most people do not use the alarm during their stay however if you set the alarm it is for the entire house, not just a wing. All doors will have to be locked and all the windows closed.

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The Captain Morse House has the latest in technology. Communication services are provided by Xfinity/Comcast 800 COMCAST – Account # 8773105170026798

Wireless HP Printer is accessible as Photosmart TS6000 series on WiFi or BLUETOOTH with 0000 passkeys. The printer is located in the back living room. The paper is underneath. If you use the last inkjet cartridge please replace it.
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We have a Hosted wireless network. Wifi is provided as an amenity with no guarantee of service due to the remote and flaky nature of providing hi-tech services on an island.

The system consists of the following.
Gateway – 2024 Xfinity Cable modem providing fast and full coverage at 800+ Mbps. The Modem is in the West basement on a shelf at the bottom of the stairs.

Router – We use twin 2024 Ubiquiti U6-LR-US Access Points linked to create a mesh. AP1 is located in the Back Living Room SW corner on the bookshelf. AP2 is located in the Media Room inside the twin doors next to the stereo

You can test the internet speeds at the house by using the website www.speedtest.net

Our system serves three SSID network names. Do not attempt to change these unless directed by tech support.

  • CMH Guest for your use while at the house
  • CMHNETX for our 2.4 Ghz devices to use such as locks and alarms
  • VRadmin a private network used by our Samsung TVs

Security is provided by WPA2-PSK (AES) – we do not support lower security than this. You can read why here.

If you think there is a WiFi failure first make sure it is not a local problem. Click on

and then enter


If there are no local outages and more than one device cannot access the internet then you should try to reboot the system. This requires turning off the system, waiting a few minutes, then turning it back on and waiting a few minutes more for the system to propagate.

Quick Reboot – just the modem

  • Go to the back basement and unplug the power to the XFinity Modem. This is a white cube that sits on top of the network switch.
  • Wait 2 minutes and then plug it back in
  • Wait five minutes and then try the internet again.

Complete Reboot – all devices

  • Go to the back basement and unplug the power to the XFinity Modem. This is a white cube that sits on top of the network switch.
  • Unlug the POE (power over ethernet) injector
  • Go to the front media room and turn off the power strip so that all internet devices in the media room get disconnected. This includes  the POE (power over ethernet) injector
  • Wait two minutes
  • To turn everything back on go back downstairs to the basement and plug the power back into the Gateway and POE (power over ethernet) injector
  • Turn the power strip back on in the East Wing media room

If you experience a power failure please turn off all computers, monitors and attached peripherals then turn off the UPS in the basement. You may notice a beeping from downstairs that will continue until the UPS is turned off. To restore the cable and internet you may need to go into the basement and reset the system.

If you have attempted these troubleshooting tips then call the emergency numbers.
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TV and Audio Video

We provide Comcast cable service at the home. There is one Xfinity DVR in the backroom to record your favorite shows. The access code for Comcast is 0000. You are responsible for additional Comcast charges and for setting whatever security policies are required for your family. Security policies must be removed prior to vacating the premises.

Modern entertainment systems are complex and we have found that guests will often “play” with settings and make the system unusable. We recommend one person in the party be designated the chief geek and be responsible for understanding the systems. There are system “cheat sheets” in each media room. Here is a link to the Cheat Sheets. Here is a link to the same thing in pdf
There are 4 zones in the house. The Amplifier is in the East Wing. If you are renting the wings we suggest using the distribution block to the left of the amp to turn off the sound for the West Wing zones 3 & 4

The Captain Morse House
(all terms and conditions subject to change without notice)
(Note that this online version of the manual is always the most recent version)

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