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Dear Guest:

Thank you very much for choosing the Captain Morse House for your vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. We hope that you will have the vacation of a lifetime.

During your stay, we provide support and answer questions by email to support@captainmorsehouse.com

Our guests are expected to read this information and be self-sufficient. All that we have learned over 170 rentals is in this Welcome Page you are reading.

Documents to review

To save the manual for easy access to a iPad or iPhone, open the document link below.
Choose the Square Icon with the arrow going up. Select “Add to Home Screen”.
You will then have a link to the manual you can access by clicking on the Manual Icon. We also have a QR Code in the manual book that will launch it.

Quick Start Advice

  • Before Arrival - Please read this manual and share it with anyone you think will read it. If you are bringing a car you will need ferry reservations. Bring as few cars as possible, ideally zero as you are close to everything and we provide you with bicycles. Our driveway is single file. We enter and exit the house from the back kitchen doors. Five days before arrival you will receive a door keypad code, an alarm code, and a security word in case the alarm goes off and the alarm company calls the house.
  • ARRIVAL -  Please check in only after your lease starts at 4:00 pm. The point of entry is through the kitchen doors up the Driveway. The First door is for the East Wing. The 2nd Door is for the West Wing.
  • DEPARTURE - Please be 100% out of the house when your lease ends at 10:00 am The cleaners will start outside around 9:00 am
  • EARLY OR LATE - Check-In or Check-Out are possible if we do not have another guest on the calendar for the same day.  Please check our booking calendar before making a request.  Charges apply
  • ROLLER BAGS SHOULD BE CARRIED ON THE STAIRS Be careful when moving, bags, chairs, or tables on the newly re-finished floors. If protective scuff pads are missing there are plenty of extras in the hall closet.
  • WINDOWS DO NOT STAY UP ON THEIR OWN AND REQUIRE STICKS Place a stick on the right side of the window in the window channel. If windows slam they can cause injury and damage. Close windows ahead of rain.
  • STAIRS ARE STEEP – BE CAREFUL – not suitable for small children.
  • TABLES ARE VALUABLE – use placemats to protect them.
  • FOOT SHOWER AT BACK DOORS IS THERE TO REMOVE SAND - sand is the worst enemy of the house - please take care to remove it.
  • NO FOOD OR SODA IS ALLOWED ABOVE THE FIRST FLOOR - This attracts ants and can cause additional cleaning
  • SHOWER CURTAINS – Place the bottom of the curtain inside the tub and the sides flat against the inside walls. After 30 seconds of showering re-check the side curtain near the showerhead to make sure that the curtain is sealed tight against the tile. Some water on the wall is necessary so that water suction will hold the curtain tight. Ensure that there are no gaps and that shower water cannot go onto the floor. This might seem picky but it has been a serious problem in the past.
  • HOT WATER - If there is no hot water go to the hot water heater in the back basement and turn the small red knob above the tank temperature from PILOT to ON (do not turn it off!)

General Info

80 N WATER ST #34
EDGARTOWN, MA 02539-0034
There is no Land Line in the house

Use the above for shipping; Ship UPS or FedEx [USPS is not reliable and requires a trip to the post office]
Items shipped to the house should be placed in the front hall closet (East Wing) or the pass-through closet (West Wing)

Email is for questions (if it is not in the manual):  support@captainmorsehouse.com
Phone is for emergencies that cannot wait. 508-693-0809
Please call and text during normal business hours unless it is an emergency

Deliveries: The US Postal Service will not deliver to the house. Use UPS or FEDEX or it may get lost at the Post Office.
Packages get delivered to the house every day. Please put them in storage if they arrive during your stay.
For the East Wing and the Entire House put them in the front hall closet.
For West Wing use the closet next to the kitchen.
For large items, place them in the back west basement next to the hot water heater.
If you want to go the extra mile you can contact support@captainmorsehouse.com and we will unpack and put them out for your use and enjoyment.


FIRE - POLICE - ACCIDENT: 911 - In case of Fire locate the closest fire extinguisher (closets, under sinks) and use it. Do not use water on any grease fires.

...then call 508-693-0809. If no answer call the contact list in order...

Email them and a incident report to Support@captainmorsehouse.com
Then call or text the below list in this order (text is the best way to get someone)


Leandro Bonjour (508) 524-9138

Backup Caretakers
Flauber Souza 781-964-4077
Boat and Van and 3rd backup Caretaker
Iggy Vukoje 508-627-0248


Katya <Cleaner@captainmorsehouse.com>


Platt Johnson


EL Harvey  508-995-0544 Extension 143 [See Trash ]