New HVAC System in 3rd Floor East Wing

It was a long time coming with seven different representatives of the area’s best HVAC installers submitting proposals. The problem? The existing system is 4 tons and is tasked with cooling the 2nd and 3rd floors through a damper system. This large system could not cool the 3rd floor which is insulated with closed and open cell foam. During hot days the thermal gain from the asphalt shingles was too much for the system.

Matt Millard of Performance Mechanical Industries was chosen to install a new system. He was the high quote but he had the best solution. The East Wing front two rooms will now have their cooling system along with their thermostat. This will mean that the 3rd-floor damper system will have to cool only half of the space it used to cool and will have its own dedicated thermostat . BOth thermostats are hooked up into the internet to allow for precise control and comfort for our guests.

Leandro Bonjour of Alfa Contracting removed the old wall to the eves and constructed a new alcove to hold the new equipment. He fashioned a door that is held in place by magnets and will provide PWI with all the space they need to maintain the system.

Of course, we are waiting for warmer temperatures to prove this new system but we expect that the addition of 2 tons of cooling capacity should do something to help.



Gallery of the new system. 

Rooms that will be cooled by the new system.

The Sail Loft is bedroom 10 and has a queen bed and two twin beds. The Sail Loft Landing is a sitting area and is where the front stairs come from the 2nd floor East Wing.

Captain Morse House

Sketch of new installation completed in 2024

Hvac Sketch Of Improvement