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We have two vans, a Boston Whaler Ventura 160, and water sports gear
Yes we even have windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wingfoiling equipment for experienced users only

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Two paddleboards for $100 a day or $400 a week

These are light and high-performance paddleboards with carbon paddles. Only a strong and tall adult can safely take them down and put them back up on the roof. You must be able to take handle them without dropping them. A combination lock is used on the rear leash cups to provide secure access once your rent them.

RENT THEM by adding a Surfboard Extra item to your TURO rental of the van. If you want to add them after you rent the van go to the Turo App. You will then see an option to Modify Trip on the right side. There you will see an option to add a Surfboard. There is no paddleboard item so we use Surfboard which is close enough. The description will properly say that this is for twin paddleboards and the fee is $400.

Paddleboard Carry Instructions

To Take off the paddleboards
Untie the rear ropes from the paddleboards – DO NOT UNTIE THE FRONT ROPES – LEAVE THEM TAPED UP.
Do not take the loops out of the rear lines. They are in the perfect location.
If you drive the van with the boards off simply put the tails of the rear lines into the rear door and close.
Unlock the boards from the rear and slide the cable out of the locks from left to right. Take out the stainless steel locks from the leash cups by twisting the wingnuts once the cable is removed. Do not use the paddleboards with the stainless steel leash cup locks in place. Store the locks on the cable so you do not loose them.

To put the paddleboards back on
Re-install the locks securely on the leash cup pins before putting the boards up on the roof.
The larger 10’6” board goes over the driver’s side. The smaller 10 foot paddleboard goes over the passenger side.
Use a paddle to lift the front line over the nose of the paddleboard. Two people make this easier.
Tie-down the boards using the correct lines making sure they are not tangled. The longer line will be on the right.
Use the trucker hitch (loop in the rope you are not supposed to untie) to add leverage to the rope. Finish off by using half hitches around the rope itself.
If you will be parking the van with the boards in public areas then reinstall the lock and cable. Run the lock through the right lock going forward. Pull through about 4 feet of cable. Run the cable through the left lock going backward. Lock the cable.

  • Use a PFD whenever operating a paddleboard – inflatable PFDs are provided.
  • Attach yourself to the paddleboard with the Leash
  • Do not drop the boards – they are lightweight and so are VERY FRAGILE
  • Do not use the paddles to “pole” the boards” off the sand
  • Carefully supervise and accompany young Children
  • Be very careful of offshore winds and be sure you can paddle back
  • Make sure the boards are secure on the roof
  • Check straps regularly
  • Place the neoprene protectors over the paddle blades. Store along the left side of the seats.