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For Sale

We are for sale privately at $10,000,000 – Inquire directly to Platt Johnson.

Realtors: we are not planning on listing for sale. Buy-side brokers are protected at 2%.

Each generation of owners has lasted about 65 years. My father bought the house when I was born and I am now 69 so perhaps it is time to let someone else’s family enjoy the home.  The house is in perfect condition and fully equipped and furnished. It can be used as an elegant summer home or it can continue as a successful summer vacation rental.


We are currently writing rentals. Any rental lease written will be honored per the terms of the lease.

We have had success renting the home since 2008. Recently Covid was quite a challenge. In 2020 all of our tenants canceled so we had to rebook everything. After all the work we actually came out of it with a record year. 2021 again set records. Now in February of 2022, we have already surpassed the rental income of all of 2021.
2023 was a good year and 2024 looks to again be strong. Part of this is because my father set the house up so we can rent the house in wings. He added an additional kitchen and gracious living spaces. This has allowed us to rent to smaller groups and was a godsend during covid.
Renting the house allows us to continue to own, improve, and share it with people so they can make their own wonderful memories. You cannot have a more authentic and meaningful vacation experience. Reserve your dates while this home is still available.
Some personal thoughts
  • 17 years of property rental management is a pretty good run.
  • The average ownership time period appears to be around 65 years. Built by John O. Morse in 1840, then bought by the Dinsmore family at the turn of the century, and then in 1955 by Norman Dudley Johnson.
  • You never really own these historic houses. You just enjoy them until the next generation comes along.


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