For Sale

The Vacation Rental business is tough on me and tough on a home. Eventually, I would like to see the Captain Morse House become a private home again. I am probably going to start reducing the weeks that are available and start using the property more myself. 
I also have it quietly for sale which is why you are reading this. Either way, it is an emotional decision. I grew up in the home and so it will be hard to let it go but then again that is sometimes the best thing to do in the long run and for the house.

Each generation of owners has lasted 65 years. My father bought the house when I was born and I am now 66 so perhaps it is time to let someone else’s family enjoy the home.  The house is in perfect condition and fully equipped and furnished. It can be used as an elegant summer home or it can continue as a successful summer vacation rental. The price is 7.5 million

  • For buyers, inquiries for sale can be made directly to Platt Johnson. Buy Side Brokers protected.
  • For renters, we are currently writing rentals for 2021. The show must go on until a buyer is found.


2020 was tough. All of my tenants canceled and we had to rebook everything. After all the work we actually came out of it with a record year and 2021 is going to be a record year as well. My father created the idea of renting the house in wings by adding an additional kitchen and gracious living spaces. This concept has allowed us to rent to smaller groups and was a godsend during these times.
Renting the house also allows us to continue to own, improve it, and also share it with people so they can make their own wonderful memories.

Act Now, this house may soon be unavailable as a vacation rental. This is a very special property. The fact that it is little changed with many original features and details only adds to its uniqueness. You cannot have a more authentic and meaningful vacation experience. Reserve your dates while this home is still available.

Why sell such an iconic house?

  • 15 years of property rental management is a pretty good run. It is time to retire.
  • The average ownership time period, coincidentally, appears to be around 65 years. Built by John O. Morse in 1840, then bought by the Dinsmore family at the turn of the century and then in 1955 by Norman Dudley Johnson.
  • You never really own these historic houses. You just enjoy them until the next generation comes along.