We did a major renovation to the West Wing of the Captain Morse House over the winter of 2022 to 2023.
The highlights include a new sectional couch, a new dining room table, new chairs, a SAMSUNG 65″ “The Frame” ClassQLED 4K LS03B Quantum HDR, Art Mode, and a new LED fireplace.


Back Living Room Before

The old living area had a very small non working fireplace. The TV was set on the right walll between windows that limited us to a 45″ TV. The new TV is a Samsung 65″ Frame TV. Notice the picture which is of Mongolia.


All of the wall paper was removed. It was cute but was in bad repair and had some other issues we could not repair. Note the original green color in what was once the main kitchen for the house.

Cmh West Wing Fall 2023 Renovation


Captain Morse House West Wing -
Captain Morse House West Wing - After


The kitchen has been expanded by taking down the wall and adding a kitchen island. The island has much more storage making this kitchen a lot more fun.


West Living Room Area

The kitchen wall was built around 1955 and was part of a large renovation commissioned by my father. It allowed the West Wing of the house to be rented out as a separate home. Note the passthrough from the kitchen to the serving table. The opening to the right is the walk through that connects the East and West wings. This is closed off when we do wing rentals.
We replaced the dining room table (seats 8) with a new one that seats 12. 


West Kitchen With The Right Wall Still In Place

Here is a view from inside the kitchen showing the passthrough from the kitchen to the serving table.


West Wing Renovation

The removal of the kitchen wall was perhaps the largest change. The entire space now feels more open and the island has become another place to gather. The previous galley kitchen was only good for one or two at most.

We have kept the existing appliances and plan to use them until they don’t work anymore. Our experience is that the new appliances do not last. The gas range works great as does the refrigerator by Maytag. We did put in a new Whirlpool convection microwave thereby doubling the oven capacity. It even can Air Fry.

West Kitchen With The Right Wall Removed

Now the whole area is open, airy and well lit. We have since replaced the dishwasher with the stainless model in the above picture.


The patio entrance was enlarged by removing the bench seating and support pillars. All new recessed lighting, chandelier, and ceiling fan have also been installed


Captain Morse House West Wing - Before

This area was crowded by a large boxed-in post that held heating pipes. There were also benches that ran from the post to the right wall and then along the wall by the window. This made the use of a rectangular dining room table impossible.


Captain Morse House West Wing

The new rectangular dining room table is shown seating 8. There are two additional leaves that can expand this table to 12 allowing the whole gang to eat at the same table.

More Pictures from the 2022-2023 renovation