In the spring of 2016 after a very hard winter we finally realized that there was going to be no way that our lawn was going to be ready for the season.


We chose to install a Johnathan Green “Black Beauty” sod lawn from Sodco of Rhode Island
John Keene Excavating charged us $2,480.63 for the sod delivered.
There was 3,500 sq ft. on 7 pallets. Each pallet covers 500 sq. ft.


The total cost of the lawn was almost $8,000



Black Beauty Sod $2,480.63
Labor to Prepare Lawn $3,503.25
Labor to Install Lawn $1,885.00
Total $7,868.88

We are obviously loath to repeat this episode so will be taking a hard look at the lawn’s condition and whether it can handle any events.

We recently had a tenant who was very happy with the house. The only sour note appears to be the party on the lawn which, in retrospect, I should probably not have allowed as it was organized at the very last minute. The lawn can only take one or two of these events over the course of the season and it really showed hard use after this event. The lawn just can’t handle the traffic, especially when there is dancing. The Daniel Fischer house now charges $10,000 for an “on lawn” event and requires a wooden protective floor which is very spendy.

We will be putting in some thought to the topic of events on the lawn as we want each guest that arrives at the house to have wonderful lawn to view.