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Realtor Information

We love to work with local realtors and pay out up to 15% of the rent as a commission. We pay upon the full payment of the rent by the guest which typically happens 90 days prior to the start of the rental. We also will work with nonlisting realtors and travel professionals. 

All the paperwork is done for you and you do not have to do anything but pass the guest’s name and contact information over. You are copied on the entire rental transaction and are kept in the loop. 

Mass. Short Term Rental Lead Disclosure

The Captain Morse House was built in 1840 and
has lead paint present. The state of Mass. requires
that the following form be provided to renters. It is
also part of our standard lease that we send out.

Mass. Insurance Disclosure Form

Mass. Real Estate Brokers request that this form be
signed stating that VCJ Property, LLC knows that the
state of Mass. requires $1,000,000 in insurance.
We carry that insurance as a matter of course.

Guest Support Information



FIRE - POLICE - ACCIDENT: 911 - In case of Fire locate the closest fire extinguisher (closets, under sinks) and use it. Do not use water on any grease fires.

...then call 508-693-0809. If no answer call the contact list in order...

Email them and a incident report to Support@captainmorsehouse.com
Then call or text the below list in this order (text is the best way to get someone)


Leandro Bonjour (508) 524-9138

Backup Caretakers
Flauber Souza 781-964-4077
Boat and Van and 3rd backup Caretaker
Iggy Vukoje 508-627-0248


Katya <Cleaner@captainmorsehouse.com>


Platt Johnson


EL Harvey  508-995-0544 Extension 143 [See Trash ]

Police or Fire dial 911

Non Emergencies such as noise 508-627-4343

Cartage / Recycling

ABC Disposal 508-693-5659
Tuesday & Saturday Trash pick up
Saturday Recycling pick up
Friday Night Guests take out all trash
so that on guests’ arrival not all the barrels
will be full pending the pickup on Tuesday


SSID: CMHNETX   pwd: hector80


House Manual – Click Here

Spruce up your website with the
Top Captain Morse House Pictures


Captain Morse House Summer 2020

Spruce up your agencies website with professional pictures for your website. Below are links to the top pictures of the Captain Morse House.

They are done in these sizes
2048 Pixels (long side)
16 x 9 ratio
72 DPI

If you want different sizes please let me know and we will be happy to send them along.


Here is caption language that works with the pictures in this folder. It may be easier to cut and paste from here
Exterior Captions -9
The Captain Morse House at corner of Morse and North Water
The Captain Morse House Front Entrance
Looking up North Water towards town
View down Morse St. to the Harborfront and Chappy
Front Door
Captain Morse House grand front porches from North Water St
Backyard looking towards house and North Water St
Patio and back yard with grill and seating for 20
Grill and Bike Shed


Interior -14
Spiral Staircase in front hall
Front Hall
Front Living Room looking North
Front Living Room looking South
Mary Smith Room – Bedroom 12 – sleep sofa
Bath 1 off of Bedroom 12
Front Dining Room looking towards kitchen
Front Dining Room ready for dinner
Front gourmet Kitchen looking towards dining room
Back Kitchen looking towards Driveway
Back living room area with Bedroom 11 to right
Back dining room area with patio door
Joanna Pease Room – Bedroom 11
Bath 2 inside bedroom 11
Back Living Room Bar
Back Dining Area and Living Room looking South
Back Living Room Area looking into Bedroom 11 *
Back Dining Room Area looking into kitchen
Back Bathroom 2 with zero curb shower

2nd Floor -12
Front spiral staircase from the 2nd floor
2nd floor front porch
John O. Morse Room – Bedroom 1 on 2nd floor – queen bed
John O. Morse Room  can access the front porch
Sara Dinsmore Room – Bedroom 2 with two twins
Dressing Room – Bedroom 3 with a Queen
2nd floor front hallway
Middle Room – Bedroom 4 with 4 doors – king or 2 twins
Bathroom #3 on 2nd Floor
Green Room – Bedroom 5 with king or two twins
Sewing Room with twin bed overlooking garden – Bedroom 5
Bunk Room with 3 beds near back stairs

3rd Floor – 6
Back Stairs from the 3rd floor
3rd floor hallway looking towards the back
Secret Garden Room – Bedroom 7
William Martin Room – Bedroom 8
Sara Brown Room – Bedroom 9
Sail Loft – Bedroom 10 with queen and two twins

Optional 3rd floor with 4 bedrooms sleeping 7

Misc – 9
Morning on North Water Street with a classic VW in Front
Friends on the Front Porch enjoying coffee in the morning
Evening at Captain Morse House as viewed from foot of Morse St
Windsurfers at the nearby Edgartown Lighthouse Beach
Aerial View of the house and Edgartown Harbor looking South
Aerial View of the house and Edgartown Harbor looking West
1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan – available as an option

Realtors: All rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice

Booking Form

Just select the property and add the dates. You can change properties and dates and always get updated rates.

Prices, availability, and terms are always subject to change until the lease is signed and the deposit is paid