Here is a summary of what we all should be aware of when a hurricane threatens. This includes tips for our guests as well as our island team at the bottom.

Follow the latest location here:  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/,  to see how close it will come to Martha’s Vineyard!!!


Be aware that large waves, ocean rip tides and rain will reach Martha’s Vineyard before the actual hurricane lands, if it does.

If it looks like a major event (above Category 1) Dukes County will require Shelters to be Open Before/During and After the storm.  Due to the time of year, expect that many hotels will have their guests move to the Shelters.  Depending of loss of power/water and personal property Shelters will have to stay open for several days after the storm.

STEAMSHIP AUTHORITY FERRY –  http://www.steamshipauthority.com – There is a good chance that the ferries will be affected should the winds exceed  40 mph.  Please go to the website to get access to the latest information. In the past when they have had to cancel ferries they do all they can to get people across (both ways) as soon as they can by running many extra trips. There can, however,  be a lengthy wait so plan accordingly. If you cannot get off the island when your lease is up call us and ask if you can spend an extra night. If you can’t get off the people that are the next guests cannot get on either!

HOUSE – Please be sure all items that are outside are taken inside or tied down….like deck furniture, bikes, planters that can be moved, toys, gardening equipment, etc. Please close all storm windows and windows. (caretaker will do this but might be delayed in getting the the house.


  • No candles or open flames, too dangerous
  • Charge all cell phones and portable devices. Turn off when not needed.
  • A battery-powered radio and spare batteries (there is one in the telephone (front hall) closet.
  • A telephone that plugs directly into a wall jack (there is one in the telephone (front hall) closet. Portable phones won’t work without electricity,   and cellular service could be disrupted. The West Wing is the only land line
  • You will need flashlights for each person with fresh batteries (buy NOW as the Island has a limited supply!).
  • If you have an electric stove you will need to have barbecue capability (be sure you have enough propane or charcoal and matches). Ours are gas.
  • Water: Homes that are not on town water will lose their water as the pumps are run by electricity so….fill the bathtub for flushing water, jars for drinking, pans of water for cooking, etc.
  • Ice – I suggest you make blocks (the last longer!) of ice in pans like bread pans to use in your cooler (buy one if you don’t have one).

FOOD – Stock up on it!

  • ·One gallon of water per day for each person for drinking and food preparation, stored in plastic containers. Plan for three to seven days.
  • ·A three- to seven-day supply of canned or nonperishable food that requires little or no preparation or heating. Include snacks and baby food or formula, if needed.
  • ·Food and water for pets for three to seven days
  • ·A manual can opener
  • ·Paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic bags, plastic garbage bags, waterproof containers and foil
  • ·Two coolers – one for food, one for ice (often located in the basement)
  • ·Fuel for any nonelectric cooking source, such as charcoal or propane gas, and matches



  • ·Personal toiletries
  • ·Diapers, if needed
  • ·Antiseptic hand cleanser for each family member
  • ·Chlorine bleach
  • ·Detergent and cleaners

  • A first-aid kit with bandages, gauze pads, tape, etc. is in the front hall closet or under the sink
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen for each family member
  • Prescription medication for two weeks. Check with your pharmacist about the shelf life of the medicine.
  • Spare hearing aid batteries, and chargers and adaptors for medical equipment, if needed
  • Zip-top plastic bags for storing supplies
  • CAR- Fill your tank as when there is no electricity the pumps do not work. Also, park it away from trees if at all possible.

CASH – Get extra as when there is no electricity some banks do not work while some do have generators.

 SHELTER:  THE RED CROSS HAS SHELTERS ON THE ISLAND THAT WILL BE OPEN IF WARRANTED – most likely at the Edgartown Elementary School and West Tisbury Elementary School…and possibly other locations.


We go through three levels of preparation for storms 

Strong Winds up to 35 knots

  • Remove the flag on Morse Street
  • Close and tie up the deck umbrellas
  • raise all window screens and Lower all storm windows
  • Secure all bicycles neatly in the tool shed
  • Secure all trash barrels
  • Remove all hanging plants and hang them in the elevator

Gale to Hurricane Category 1 (35 to 60 knots)

  • Store umbrellas in the back basement, stands can stay out
  • Remove all porch furniture and store in the front living room, elevator, and front cellar
  • stack all patio chairs next to the toy box opposite the tool shed

Hurricane Category 2 and higher (over 60 knots)

  • Remove all shutters and store in the house and toolshed according to the shutter removal guide
  • stack all patio furniture next to the toy box
  • Tie the chairs together
  • Remove the Eagle over the front door

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More Information

Stay Informed:
For additional information and updated forecasts, see www.weather.gov/boston (National Weather Service Taunton) and www.weather.gov/albany (National Weather Service Albany)

Utilize Massachusetts Alerts to receive emergency notifications and information from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service.  Massachusetts Alerts is a free app that is available for Android and iPhones. To learn more about Massachusetts Alerts, and for information on how to download the free app onto your smartphone, visit: www.mass.gov/mema/mobileapp.

Utilize MEMA’s real-time power outage viewer to stay informed about current power outages in your community and region, and across the state, including information from utility companies about restoration times: http://mema.mapsonline.net/public.html

Online Resources:
For additional information and resources, visit:
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at www.mass.gov/mema
MEMA’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MassachusettsEMA
MEMA Twitter: @MassEMA
Federal Emergency Management Agency at www.fema.gov
National Weather Service/Taunton at www.weather.gov/boston
National Weather Service/Albany, NY at www.weather.gov/albany
National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center: http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/
National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center:  http://www.spc.noaa.gov/
Northeast River Forecast Center: http://www.weather.gov/nerfc/
Mass211 at www.mass211.org