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East - West - OR Entire house

Discover the Captain Morse House!
Rent a Wing or the Entiire House
100% Private – shared patio & lawn 
East Wing has private porches and views
West Wing has direct access to patio

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Romantic Long Weekends!
Unique Experience off-season
Perfect for family reunions
Corporate Retreats & Weddings

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Just feet from the Edgartown Harbor
Four beautiful beaches you can walk to
Private Parking – walk to town
Explore the village dining and shopping
Free bikes to ride wherever you want

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Martha’s Vineyard | Captain Morse House

We are Martha’s Vineyard’s largest and most elegant vacation rental home. The Captain Morse House is located in Edgartown on world-famous North Water Street. Our 2 front porches directly face Edgartown Harbor and make an ideal place to spend the afternoon. The home is an actual whaling captain’s home and was built by Captain John Osborne Morse in 1840. The home has been fully renovated with all of the modern amenities while preserving its historic grandeur. The home is available as the East or West Wing or the entire house. The entire house has 26 rooms, 12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, and can sleep 26 people. The large backyard and garden are perfect for hosting family reunions, weddings, and events. Plan your ultimate “vacation to remember” today.

A Truly Historic House

A beautiful part of the town’s history, the Captain Morse House was built in 1840. Prior to the discovery of petroleum, ships were sent far and wide to hunt whales for their valuable oil used for lighting and lubrication. Captain John O. Morse was an active whaler from 1829 – 1851. He helped bring several Edgartowners to the gold fields in San Francisco.

Captain Morse House
Captain Morse House

A Unique Island Experience

The best of both worlds, a historic property updated with all of the modern comforts. Be close to the action but far enough away to escape the bustle of town. The island hosts many great vacation activities from golf to fishing to sailing, historic tours and days at the beach. The Captain Morse House provides plenty of space for relaxation and entertaining.

For Truly Memorable Events

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Weddings, Corporate Retreats, and Family Reunions

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Please browse reviews and comments from our guests over the years. We do everything we can to earn make your stay memorable by preparing for your individual needs in advance and responding to any issues immediately. The house is well maintained and each winter we make upgrades and updates to ensure that the house is better every year. We’d love to hear from you during and after your stay!

We’d not hesitate for a moment before returning.  Our group was adult siblings, spouses, and young children.  The house (we had both wings) was perfect for us.  There was space to spread out–adults could be in the front living rooms while kids enjoyed feeling independent in the back.  Two kitchens avoided any crunches of space.  Bedrooms galore provided great flexibility.  A short walk to Lighthouse Beach or to town provided perfect outings.  And, used to living ourselves in a house of a similar era (early 1800s) with English antiques accented by China Trade pieces, we felt perfectly at home.  The house clearly has a force field around it that avoids “beach house kitsch.”  It’s just charming.

Fantastic experience! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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We just hosted a wedding June 5th on MV.  The bridesmaid party stayed at the Captain Morse House and ultimately the ceremony was moved to the garden 2 weeks before the ceremony due to Covid. Platt was absolutely fabulous in allowing us to host the ceremony with such short notice. His website is so complete with all the necessary information from vendors, insurance, town permits, parking, tours, etc. as a result the quick change for our ceremony was very easy.  This same information is also extremely helpful for enjoying the entire island if you are visiting for fun. 
The house is fully equipped, right in the center of town, bicycles, and parking available. Beautiful porches for people watching going to and from town while sipping on a cocktail.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay and loved Edgartown a very special town. The Captain Morse House is one of the very special homes right in town. A win-win!!!!!

Beautiful wedding week ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Website Review

The house is lovely through and through. Favorite spot was breakfast and cocktails on the spacious front porch that faces North Water Street.  Everyone who strolls past looks at you longingly – they want to be on that beautiful porch!

We had a large group and used the two kitchens with chefs coming in every night for meals.  The space in the backyard was perfect for group activities (yoga).  All the amenities were perfect – beach chairs, beach towels, bikes, helmets, beach towels, yoga mats, etc.  Really can’t say how special the accommodations were and the location was the icing on the cake.  You can walk to the beach at the Edgartown Light, take the ferry to Chappaquiddick, bike to Morning Glory Farm, or walk to town within minutes.

Elegant Summer Fun ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Website Review

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Platt Johnson

Platt Johnson


I grew up in the Captain Morse House. Each year I’ve made updates to the home while maintaining its rich history. I have been coming to the Martha’s Vineyard since 1955 and love to help the first-time visitor or seasoned Martha’s Vineyard traveler. If you want to make a reservation or have any questions, please reach out to me directly via the form above or my email.

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