Forgotten, Missing or Lost Items

It happens to all of us. You have a great time and then you forget some items.

We will “try” to send a photograph of any missing items to the main contacts email. If you are missing something in particular send a email to [email protected]

Once we have confirmed the missing item here are two ways to get your items returned to your home or office

Free Method

Go to the US Post Office Website and decide what size box or envelope you will need to use. Please be sure to select a box that is big enough. When in doubt go bigger.

Then go to the page where you can create your own shipping label.

Print the label to a PDF file and send us the label with a note as to what size box/package you have selected. We will then pack and ship your items for you. Shipping date will be when we next go to the post office.
The Ship From Address is a follows:

Captain Morse House
80 North Water Street
Edgartown, MA  02539


Paid Method

If this all seems like too much work then send us your address and we will send print and send the package for you.
Send $40 to cover shipping and handling. Paypal will work.
You can also send via Zelle via the email address of [email protected]
The cost covers some of the expense our caretaker will incur going to the Post Office. This can take as long as an hour as the Edgartown Post Office is known for it’s long lines and delays.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the return of your items. We suggest purchasing insurance for your shipment if you are so concerned. Items left past 30 days will be disposed of.