Early Check-In Martha’s Vineyard

We get asked about early check-in or late check-out all the time and especially when people have ferry times that are not optimal.

Unfortunately, when we have a back to back turnovers this is probably impossible.

Enhanced cleaning for COVID also takes time.

Once you are on the island, and if we have a gap in the turnovers, you can call the caretaker whose phone number is in the Manual.
If you are taking perishables to the island in a cooler, here are some tips to ensure your items stay cool until you can get them into a refrigerator.
  • Use a good quality cooler such as Yeti. Other coolers work but have varying degrees of effectiveness.
  • Pack extra cold packs in the coolers. Dry ice is best and is sold at bigger stores. Otherwise, use old packs. Do not use ice.
  • One alternative I have used is to freeze one or two 1/2 gallons of milk or juice containers (with water or milk). These “blocks” of ice work great and do not melt over everything.
  • Lay newspaper over the bottom of the cooler and over the top of the food in the cooler. Fill the cooler but do not overfill it.
  • Only place essential items in the cooler.
  • Do not open the cooler to “check on” the food.