Parking a car on an island

As I have mentioned elsewhere, you do not need a car on the island. We provide 10 bikes for free with the house and you are within a wonderful walking town.
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Edgartown has a strict overnight parking rule. All cars must be off of the streets from 2:00 am to 5:00 am. There is also only two hour parking during the summer.
The Captain Morse House was built before cars were invented and has a narrow single-file driveway.
At most, the driveway can handle 4 cars but then the driveway is fully packed and cannot be used to easily exit from the house onto North Water Street. If any vehicles other than the last one in want to be used then all of the other vehicles have to be moved out onto the street temporarily.
To relieve the parking situation at the house and in Edgartown we have reserved two dedicated parking spaces in a nearby parking lot for the 2024 season.
The cost for doing this is substantial so I am asking guests for $50 per night per space. or $250 a week per space.
These are guaranteed parking spots in a town that has no overnight parking available.
Guests who want to use these reserved spots will use a tag that we provide and that you will hang in your vehicle on the mirror after parking in the reserved spots
Parking is available for guests first and, if not reserved, will be offered to others.


North Summer Street Parking lot

Cmh Parking Location Summer

Captain Morse House signage for our two spaces may not be set yet (as of March 2024 writing.
There should be several parking places for The Boat House on the left side as soon as you enter the lot. Please park in those spaces.
The parking passes are on the bulletin board inside the front hall closet. Please return when done or there is a $200 charge.

Parking Instructions for the single file driveway at the Captain Morse House


Captain Morse House

There are four white marks on the driveway to show where you have to park to allow the trash barrels to make it by a car

Driveway At Cmh

Above you can see a car that has been parked in the driveway. Trash barrels and bikes cannot be wheeled by the car.

Driveway Tips for On-Site Parking: 

This house was built in 1840, 68 years before the invention of the automobile. Keep this in mind as you wonder about the narrow driveway

NARROW: The driveway is narrow and single file so please be very careful to not hit the house and drive onto the curb.

HOW TO PARK IN THE FIRST SPOT: Let your passengers out first. If your car is closest to the street your vehicle should be pulled in close to the white fenced property line and as close to the sidewalk as is legal to allow the trash men and bicycles to get by. There are four white marks on the brick to show where you should park inside. I like to back up in the parking spot and then leave the tail of the car on the property line and the nose of the car far enough away from the fence so I can get out. You may want to pull straight in but I have found that harder. 

HOW TO PARK FURTHER UP THE DRIVEWAY: There are challenges in parking a large vehicle further up the driveway. If you are not a confident driver or have a large SUV please have someone else park the car rather than damage it and the house. Let any passengers out of the car and then slowly go straight up while keeping the mirror within a few inches (2″-3″) from the side of the house. You may want to fold the mirror if your car is huge. Using this method allows you to place two to three cars further up in the driveway and one in the driveway close to North Water Street.

Do not park next to the elevator bump-out or basement scuttle as this will prevent easy walking access to North Water Street. You should NEVER walk on the basement scuttle. 



Driveway Van On Right
Driveway Van on Right
Right side view of a GMC Savanna next to elevator bump out
Note that the shutters are vulnerable
Driveway Van On The Left
Driveway Van on the Left.
The fence was removed to provide more room
Note the front basement scuttle. In this position “nothing” can pass by the elevator bump-out.

Additional Off-Site Parking can be found (if lucky) at the foot of Main Street and Mayhew Lane
There is paid parking at the airport
The Dark Woods Lot is very popular. There is enforced overnight parking during the summer months. It is located to the south of the triangle.

Dark Woods Parking Lot