Audio Video Instruction Manual

The following are the default settings that I have tested for proper operation. If the system is not working correctly you will need to check the defaults. Since this is a rental house do not be surprised if you have to reset to the default settings.

Feel free to use your own accounts in the apps or use ours. Do not disconnect, reconfigure, or reprogram the gear.

Please feel free to suggest anything improve it. via email.

There are sets of speakers in the house.
(1) East Living Room – (2) Dining Room – (3) West Living Room – (4) Patio
The Amplifier is in the East Wing inside the media room/bedroom 12 and inside a small set of doors. If you are renting the West Wing you can easily turn down the zone speakers using the small white knobs mounted on the walls if you do not like the choice of music in the East Wing. West Wing guests can connect to the Samsung via bluetooh.

If purchases are made using our accounts (Xfinity, Apple TV or Amazon Firestick etc.) please venmo me the cost at @NPJohnson-34

General Instructions for the Samsung Frame TVs

Turning On the Frame TV

  • If the TV is in “art mode” the Home button will wake it up
  • If the TV is all the way off,  press the red button on the white Samsung remote while pointing at the TV.
    Allow the remote a few seconds to send all of the ON signals to all of the components. 
  • If you see artwork choices press the left of the circle
  • Go down two steps and select Media by pressing the center of the circle
  • Go up one to Apps and then select your choice
  • We use Slingbox to see regular TV channels like sports, news, and broadcast channels

Turning Off the Frame TV

  • Press and hold the red button on the white Samsung remote
  • A short press will put the Frame into art display mode which is motion-sensitive. This is not good if you are sleeping in Bedroom 12 with the TV
  • A long press will close the art and completely turn off the TV

East Samsung Frame TV should always be set to HDMI1 on the Denon.  The TV receives all the signals from the audio-video Receiver over HDMI1. For best results let the Denon provide the sound and plug accessories into the Denon AV Receiver.

To change the sound output on the Samsung TV from TV speakers to the Denon
Press Home button
Left arrow
Down from Media to Settings
Click on Settings
Scroll right to Sound Output
Select Denon AVR-X2000(HDMI) the 2nd choice by clicking on the center button.

Denon AVR-X2000 Receiver controls all sources and sound in the house. This unit has two discrete AMPS in it. You can operate them individually or together. Zone 1 is the 5:1 speaker system in the Media Room. Zone 2 is the other four areas of the house. East Living Room, Dining Room, WestLiving Room, and Patio. Each of these areas has it’s own volume control on the wall of the room. The principle Denon sources are:

  • TV/Cable – to watch TV or play Apps from the Samsung Frame TV
  • Network – to listen to internet Apps like Sirius XM (free), Pandora, Internet Radio
  • iPhone – to use a USB cable attached iPhone although you can also use Airplay on this system.
  • DVD to watch DVDs through the Sony DVD player
  • Media Player to watch Apple TV

You can control the Amp in two ways. 1) By using the supplied Denon Remote or 2) By using the Denon Remote App with your Android or Apple device. It is a free download and can be deleted when you leave the house. The app is handy because it allows you to control the Amp from anywhere in the house. The remote only works in the Media room itself. Do not try to manually control the Denon.


Open the door to the components. Set Zone 1 to the Cable TV source. Zone 2 should be set to another source or off if you do not want the show’s sound to be heard throughout the house.


Press Zone 2 Power and select your source. Press Zone 1 Power on and select your source. To play the same source throughout the house make sure that the source for Zone 1 is the same as the source for Zone 2. You can set the volume for each zone and also make adjustments in each room using the white knobs on the wall

CAUTION – Do not play the Patio speakers loudly and never when no one is out on the patio. There is separate volume controller near the door that leads outside to the patio.

Tech Information – advanced:  Mac Address 00:05:CD:39:34:54 (or) 0005CD393454
Vtuner Account
plattj@gmail.com  kartouF110
The ID for your DENON Product is: ?


West Wing of the House

The White Samsung remote will turn on all of the equipment at once by pressing the red ALL ON button. To start with all components should be in the OFF position. If not pressing All On will turn the ON unit OFF. If so you will need to manually turn that OFF unit ON.

To operate audio video press ALL ON while aiming the remote at the TV and components. Allow the remote a few seconds to send all of the ON signals to all of the components. The AUX button will operate the DVD.

To turn off the Frame entirely just hold the little red button in the upper left of the remote until the screen goes black.


Do not play with the internet setup. The TVs are served by a special network called VRadmin. Changing this will require technical support

If the TV is not behaving there are two reset procedures to try first.

RESET ONE: press and hold the red on/off button until the system turns off and then comes back on. About 1:45 minutes.

RESET TWO: Turn off the power to the TV for two minutes.
The East Wing power has to be manually unplugged from the large black Samsung control box sitting behind the TV

The West Wing power needs to be turned off at the Power Strip on the floor of the Bar closet. It is in the rear to the right of the bar fridge.

TV – THE FRAME – SAMSUNG 65″ Class QLED 4K LS03B Series The Frame Quantum HDR, Art Mode, Anti-Reflection Matte Display Screen,
Slim Fit Wall Mount Included, Smart TV, Bluetooth with Alexa Built-In (QN65LS03BAFXZA,2022 Model) 

Gear Specs – as of 2023-02
Samsung The Frame TV Manuals 65″ LS03B

SOUNDBAR – Samsung HW-Q700B 3.1.2ch Soundbar w/Dolby Audio 2022 (Renewed)
ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount for Large TVs
Model EGLF2
Up to 90″ – Full Motion With Smooth Swivel, Tilt, & Extension – Universal Design Works

Notes for Installers

Media Room (East Wing Bedroom 12)
Retired – XFinity Remote Programming codes – Samsung Plasma TV: 12280    Denon Amp: 31360
Denon Tech Information – advanced:  Mac Address 00:05:CD:39:34:54 (or) 0005CD393454
Vtuner Account   plattj@gmail.com  pwd = standard compuserve and sailboat with capital F

Sound Bar replacement notes

October 26, 2022
Samsung HW-Q700B 3.1.2ch Soundbar w/Dolby Audio 2022 (Renewed)
Serial 5AZW14BT200850D
How to connect the subwoofer to Samsung HW-Q700B Soundbar
Press ID set

Ticket 2294839459 / 2296303882 / new one 4173951826