1. There are provided locks which should be used whenever the bikes are not in your immediate control. Combo is 1980
  2. On 10/2015 there were 7 bikes (4 GT bikes, 1 Trek, I Univega ladies and 1 kids 20″ BMX). Make sure they are their at the start of your rental.
  3. The tenant of record who signs the lease is 100% responsible for theft, damage, maintenance and flats.
  4. If a bike is left at the house damaged rather than taken to Wheel Happy Bicycle Shop for repair there will be a charge of $30 transport fee for bringing it in for repair in addition to the repair costs. If there is any damage you must notify me via email.
  5. No one is allowed to use a bike without wearing a helmet.
  6. Bicycles are not to be used on the sand. Bikes left dirty and with sand on the chain or gears will be professionally cleaned by a cycle shop at a cost of $100.
  7. When not in use all bicycles are to be stored inside the tool shed, never outside or in the rain. During the day store in the space across from the tool shed where the windows look into the back dining area.
  8. Each person who uses a bike agrees to hold harmless the landlord, the Captain Morse House, the Rental Agent and VCJ Property, LLC from any and all injury or accidents to you or others while using the bicycles.
  9. Each person who uses a bike agrees to inspect the bike for proper operation prior to use and not use any bike that is not in good working order with regard to gears, brakes, steering and other components. If you notice any pre-existing damage to any bicycle you must report it within 24 hours of your arrival at the house otherwise the bicycles will be considered to be in perfect condition with no prior damage.


I have provided a multi tool, lube, spare tubes, pump, helmets, bike bells and locks.

DO NOT use any lube other than the Teflon one provided and only use if the bike squeaks. Bikes are often over-lubed which causes sand to stick to them.

updated – 06/2018