Martha’s Vineyard Beaches

Beaches surround The Captain Morse House
In fact Martha’s Vineyard Island is just a large beach

The Captain Morse House has a wonderful location near to several beaches. We are walking distance to the town and walking distance to the harbor and beaches. Our guests frequently remark on the perfect location of the house. Families love the fact that the kids can be mobile. Ideally you kick them out of the house after breakfast and only see them back for dinner, or maybe lunch. Kids love the independence and the parents can park the car for the week and not have to shuttle the kids from one location to another. A true vacation.

Summary of beaches (more detail is below)

  • 1/2 block to Cottage Street beach – perfect for launching small boats, kayaks and Sups
  • 1 block and a ferry ride to Chappy Beach
  • 2 Blocks to Lighthouse Beach and Eel Pond
  • 3 Blocks to Fuller Street Beach
  • 2 miles to State Beach and wonderful swimming
  • 3.5 miles to South Beach for ocean waves


Captain Morse House Nearby Beach Locations Img 0672

Beach locations walking distance from the Captain Morse House looking west

Descriptions of the Beaches in the above picture

Cottage Street beach is our closest beach and is just a block from the house. This is not the spot to bring a crowd but is a nice spot to read a book in the shade and watch the kids play along the sand. Traditionally this is where we launched our boats but folks don’t do that so much anymore as there are now paved ramps available. The site is still perfect for launching small boats, kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUPs).

The Lighthouse Beach is two blocks North from the house and is accessed by either a narrow paved right of way or a sandy path that comes down from the Harbor View Hotel where there are bike racks. Along the way you will pass Eel Pond which is a favorite place for kids to explore and catch crabs. The East side of the pond is quiet and you will likely be the only ones there. The outer harbor lies right along the lighthouse itself and offers wonderful views of the boats.

Fuller Street Beach can be found at the end of Fuller Street or by continuing to walk along the Light house beach. It is quiet and serene. There are boats moored further west in Eel Pond and a boat ramp that comes down from Fuller Street with a left on Braley’s Way. You will be exploring places where tourists rarely go.

State Beach has the island’s best swimming. My father used to swim here each evening before coming home to change for dinner. Locals call it the “Bend in the Road” and as you can see it is aptly named. There is plenty of convenient parking for bikes and cars along it’s length but you need to get there early on a weekend if you want to snag a spot. The beach usually has a light offshore breeze and water that is several degrees warmer than other beaches due to the shoal waters. The clean sand bottom makes this a great swimming beach. Don’t forget to jump off of the bridge located about half way down the road.


Captain Morse House Nearby Beach Locations Img 0716

Beaches near the Captain Morse House looking South

Descriptions of the Beaches in the above picture

The Chappy beach is a block closer to town. The beautiful ride across the mouth of the harbor is worth the price of admission. From there you can walk either the North side towards the outer harbor or the south side towards the inner harbor. These are quiet and uncrowded locations. The south side will be deserted, even in the height of summer.

South Beach is the biggest beach on the island and is 3.5 miles from the house. Here you will find ocean waves but no real surfing except for boogie boards and body surfing. Expect crowds, lots of young people, and all of the excitement that any large public beach can get in the summer. If you want a quieter experience you will need to walk East or West from the two forks.

Katama Bay is the large body of water southeast of Edgartown. At the far south end of the bay, there is a thin stretch of beach that separates the bay from the Atlantic Ocean. The easiest access is to time the tides and walk over to the beach at low tide from the Edgartown Bay Rd. boat ramp parking lot.