Effective for all new reservations

New Lease Language to give you confidence in Booking
24. COVID Clause:  The parties recognize that the worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic has substantially interfered and may continue to interfere with the short-term rental industry. If, due to any governmental action, Landlord cannot deliver or TENANT cannot travel to the premises then LANDLORD shall provide, at LANDORD’s option, either a refund or a rebooking option to TENANT.

Lease Cancellation Clause

Cancellation; If TENANT desires to cancel this lease; TENANT must notify Vacation Rental MV, LLC by certified mail or by email properly replied to by LANDLORD. If any portion of the term of this lease can be re-rented, TENANT will receive a refund from the LANDLORD, less a cancellation fee of 25%. If the term cannot be re-rented for the same rent then TENANT is still responsible for, and required to pay, the total rent due. TENANT should purchase insurance to cover their trip against cancellation or travel interruption.  If LANDLORD has provided a “Right of First Refusal” to another party and TENANT has given a deposit of less than 1/2 of the total amount due then LANDLORD may cancel this agreement by returning all funds paid to LANDLORD by TENANT. 


Your payments are due as described in your lease. Any payments not made on time will result in your reserved time being placed in a SOFT CANCEL status. This means that your reservation can be pre-empted by another guest.
We will attempt to remind you about payments but it is your responsibility to make your payments when they are due. Please consult your lease for your payment schedule.

Insurance can protect your vacation investment

  • If you have not already done so consider purchasing travel insurance for your trip. Do this only if you want to protect yourself from a covered reason. This may protect your financial investment in your vacation.
  • Ask about our insurance reimbursement policy to see if it would apply to you.

Cancellation of your reservation

Anything can upset your carefully made travel plans. This is why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the purchase of travel insurance. If you forgo the purchase of travel insurance you accept the entire financial risk and are 100% responsible for the rent as laid out in the contract. Please consult a copy of your lease.

To cancel your lease follow these steps:

  1. Notify VCJ Property, LLC by certified mail or by email properly replied to by VCJ Property, LLC of your intent to cancel. Reference your Reservation Number in your notification.
  2. VCJ Property will then reply confirming that your reservation has been canceled. A new invoice including only the rent due (no security deposit, taxes, cleaning, etc.) will be sent to you.

How the process works:

  1. You are responsible for the full amount of the rent. If your reservation is not paid in full then you are responsible for the difference between the rent listed on your lease and any new rent collected for your canceled reservation period.
  2. Substitute reservations that cover only a portion of your stay will be pro-rated at the discretion of VCJ Property, LLC.
  3. We will open up the dates for your canceled reservation on our booking calendar. We will market the new vacancy to our mailing list, past clients, realtors, social media and partner websites.
  4. At our own discretion, we may lower the rent for the canceled week. If you want to pro-actively reduce the rent for your canceled reservation you may do so at any time by using the same system in step one under “To cancel your lease”.
  5. We will try as hard as we can to fill the vacancy to reduce your financial liability.
  6. If your plans change you can re-book your dates at any time as long as there is still availability.