Captain Morse House Airbnb 300
Last summer we had a corporate retreat at the Captain Morse House. The “suggestion” from the stay coordinator was that we put away all of the personal items in the house and make it more generic. I thought that was an odd request but then I thought that perhaps she had a point. You see I reflexively try to satisfy guests requests and always seek to learn from their feedback.

Now today, courtesy of a site for VR owners, comes an interesting pushback to this aesthetic. The long and the short of it is that this request is actually beginning to destroy what was good and pure about travel to other places. In other words, if everything is furnished out of the same catalog then where do we go for truly interesting and challenging experiences.

The experience you get at the Captain Morse House is unique and I will work to keep it that way. Otherwise, you can just book a hotel to get a place to stay.

Read the article in the Verge for the full story here